Thursday, May 23, 2013

The right time to get it!

You can now buy online 3 of my recent publications at the fabulous Staalplaat shop:

They are also available for sale at Florence Loewy´s artist-book shop and gallery in Paris. In Berlin they´re for sale at Motto and StaalplaatI haven´t talked about one of my self-published Zines on the blog yet, so here it goes...

Our Dwarf Told Us is a Zine made of appropriation, collage, photography and drawing. It deals with the excess of cultural stimuli that surrounds us, creating absurd narrations that point to hidden manipulative intentions.
It makes fun of some myths that are in the basis of our western civilization, such as christianism and capitalism, as well as of the supremacy of technology over life. It sees culture as an enemy.

Edition: 300 copies, each one differently costumized with collage. Contains 50pgs.

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