Wednesday, March 20, 2013


    I´ve been working for the last 8 months on two publication projects, that are right now being bound! Both projects, Feelings and O paradoxo da presença, will be released in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies.

I am very happy to invite you to their launch tomorrow at Pony Royal, accompained by the release of new publications by Shuah Brotherton and Pedro Campanha, including &Roy, for which I contributed.

THURSDAY 21/03 AT PONY ROYAL /// Siegfriedst. 12 /// Berlin - Neukölln /// FB
6PM - Doors Open
8PM - Lovely concert by Traded Pilots


Feelings is a hand-bound Risograph zine based on collage. It captures in its fauve colours the pure beauty of memory, and has joyfull intuitions of the present time. It was printed by Moritz Grünke at, and contains appropriations of pictures by Maria Luque and Powerpaola.

Please scroll your browser to the right in order to fully see the images. This is just a digital preview. After the launching I´ll write here where to buy the printed publications in Berlin. 



   O paradoxo da presença questions the difficulty of being present in a world overwhelmed by cultural stimuli. Image rockets collapse, their hidden meanings expanding, resonating. Internal echoes reverberate signs found on isolated paths. Both intimate and political, its 124 pages feature arab skylines, sausage adds, colected butterflies and the drawing of a knife thrower.

The book features special drawing collaborations by Powerpaola and Noah marim (my 4 years old nephew).

Buy them in Berlin at Motto or Staalplaat. In Paris, find them and 2 other publications I edited at the Florence Loewy artist-books shop and gallery in the Marais.

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