Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"The greatest things you´ll ever", installation at Eyes Behind release party in Paris - 24/03


"The greatest things ever" is a site-specific installation that I made in a room, at the release-party of Eyes Behind´s LP "La déclinaison". It was only visible in the night of the event, that was held in a private appartment in Paris. It was organized by the french magazines Retard and Vice. 
Flyer design by Anna Wanda.


                                                        Pictures below by Basile, Mavi Phillips, and Ieva Kabasinskaite  :-)

"the greatest things you´ll ever" in its original lighting.


Improvised scenography by me and Ieva.

FEU MACHIN live! their music is soooo goood. Listen and download their songs here for free!

Eyes Behind!!!!





Partial installation view, daytime.

Installation detail (plastic flowers and old images).

Installation detail (found stuff at my walks in mexico and brazil).

Insallation view / Tape writing details.

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