Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Gouache and ink on paper - 55cm x 75cm - 2010

At the Perestroikas exhibition, an old lady came to me and said, out of the blue: "he's here". As I asked who: "Jesus" she said, pointing to this painting (the portuguese text means "Jesus Christ I am here").

This sentence is actually a quotation from a famous 70's gospel song by Roberto Carlos. As you can see, it is written in this 80's childish comic font, and standing close to a medieval man bleeding (extracted from Fra Angelico's depiction of Hell in his last judgement).

Despite all these ironic elements, that lady thought this work confirmed her belief, just as the song does. (picture me loving it).

I guess this series plays with the fact we expect everything (specially images) to be made for us.

How decadent can anthropocentrism get?

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