Friday, May 6, 2011

Solo show at the Salon Séparée

The salon séparée happens every two months at Lee Bataille´s appartment in Kreuzberg.

I showed two works there: old interior (at the right side of this picture), and estrangement 1, on the left corner behind the crowd. Please check out the Old interior post below to read Lee Bataille´s introductory text to this work. Many thanks to Varis for his help during the set up, and for his djing later!!!

Estrangement 1, collage installation on wall corner - aprox. 122cm x 71.5cm


A recent collage of mine is featured in the art fair catalogue.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Collective exhibition that happened from the 13th until the 18th of May at HB55 in Lichtenberg, Berlin. 
Many thanks to Diving for sunken treasure for their concert in the opening party! I also djayed some cumbia music   :)

Here is a sneaky general picture of the exhibition space:

 You can´t see my work from the angle that picture was taken, so here it is:

It´s an untitled digital collage printed on glossy photo paper, 130cm x 180cm